Alimenthèque™ PRO Expert

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This version of Alimentheque™ software is suitable for the completely autonomous production of 'Nutrition Facts Tables' in conformity with Canadian regulations (Complete NFT).

“Nutrition Labelling” Module CANADA

Produces a Nutrition Facts Table including all mandatory information with, additionally, the possibility to add aditional information, in compliance with the Food and Drug Act of Canada:

  • calculation of % of daily value
  • rounding data and zero declaration
  • 'ready to print' Nutrition Facts Table (NFT)

Choice among all the 155 permitted models for Nutrition Facts Table (NFT)

Allows the production of Nutrition Facts Table (NFT) for Dual and Aggregate models New!

Export the Nutrition Facts Table (NFT) values to .xlsx format New!

Determines Nutrient Content Claims and Health Claims allowed in the Food and Drug Act of Canada

Determines every available Nutrition Facts Table (NFT) format, in compliance with Canadian regulations according to the Available Display Surface (ADS)

Calculates the Available Display Surface (ADS)

“Nutritive Value” Module

Calculates the nutritive value of recipes or of dietary evaluations with data from different databases:

   – Canadian Nutrient File (2015)
   – National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference (USDA–SR28–2015)
   – Food Composition Table–France (CIQUAL 2013)
   – Table of Industrial Ingredients
   – Tanzania Food Composition Table (2008)
   – WorldFood2 (1996)
   – Table of Nutrient Retention Factors, Release 6 (USDA–2007)

  • more than 35 000 foods
  • more than 115 nutrients
  • identification of missing nutrients
  • identification of allergens
  • evaluation of the nutritive value according to nutrient retention factors

Possibility to add personal ingredients and personal recipes (calculated by the software)

Calculates the 'Amino Acid Score' according to the Report of the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Consultation on Protein Quality Evaluation (1991) New!

For dietary evaluations, the software allows to use different standards for nutritional evaluation, to combine different dietary evaluations to calculate average dietary intake, etc.

For recipes, the software allows to calculate the price cost, to put ingredients in descending order of weight (ingredients list), etc.

Alimenthèque™ software produces a lot of complete and detailed analysis reports about the nutritive value of recipes or dietary evaluations.