...: Food Labelling Advisor


  • Nutritional analysis done with a software or in laboratory

  • Creation of  ready-to-print Nutrition Facts Table in compliance with Canadian and/or American regulation

  • Calculation of  the available display surface of the label

  • Determination of the recommended food portion

  • Verification of ingredient list

  • Allergens Identification

  • Label review of the information on the package to ensure compliance with Canadian and/or American regulation;

  • Suggestions of claims allowed by Canadian and/or American regulation

  • Translation service

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us:

Isabelle Claveau (B.Sc. Nutrition)
15450 Estérel
Pierrefonds (Qc)    H9H 1Z1

Phone: 514.696.6439

E-mail: iclaveau@videotron.ca